Condition monitoring

Condition monitoring

If smart plastics are used for condition monitoring, they immediately report any unexpected operating state, switch off the system or sound an alarm. In this way, industrial manufacturers minimise system failures and downtime. Do you want to use machines, components and resources effectively with all the available digital advantages? Would you like to use smart plastics® to pursue a practical, cost-efficient method of promoting digitalisation in your company?

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Tech up, cost down: we will always give you at least one of the two. That is our profession and what we have offered you for many years. The immense challenges of the current pandemic time have spurred us on to even greater efforts.
Experience all smart plastics innovations 2021 such as the new i.Cee:plus for predictive maintenance in drylin W profile guides or reliable condition monitoring on bus cables for the first time without extra sacrificial cores right here.

2021 smart plastics news - overview

Always have everything in view in the crane industry

... with i.Sense from smart plastics

Heavy loads, long periods of use, and a wide variety of weather conditions – cranes must present a fantastic performance. To ensure this at all times, reliable condition monitoring concepts such as our i.Sense with smart plastics are needed.

Condition monitoring of cranes

Products for condition monitoring of energy chains

EC.P DMS Basic

Push/pull force monitoring for e-chains with EC.P

  • Measures the push/pull forces acting on the e-chain
  • Recommends shutdown of the equipment if a force limit is exceeded
Product: EC. P sensor

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e-chains breakage detection with EC.B

  • Detects chain breakage in the early stages
  • Prevents overloading and subsequent system failures
Product: EC.B sensor

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Products for condition monitoring of cables

Tensile force monitoring for cables CF.P

Tensile force monitoring for cables with CF.P

  • Measures the forces directly at the strain relief element
  • Triggers a shutdown by means of the NC contact if forces are excessive

Product: CF.P sensor

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Cable quality monitoring with CF.Q

  • Measures the quality of the cable cores
  • Sends a signal in the event of a core rupture or stops the system via a normally closed contact if desired
Product: Sensor CF.Q

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In the case of an existing or imminent defect, the sensors inform the system and recommend a stop. It operates without any additional external data-processing modules.
Integration of the isense for predictive maintenance, however, is possible at any time.