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E-bike to rent systems

Development of an e-bike to rent system as part of the globalDrive project at the Technical University of Munich

This project by students from TU Munich and NTU Singapore was supported by igus® university and college marketing. The objective of the project was to design an innovative rental solution for pedelecs. In an international and interdisciplinary team of four students from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and four from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), an e-bike to rent system was developed at the department of vehicle technology in cooperation with REHAU. This project was one of four projects of the globalDrive programme for international student projects. Alongside the rental station, the task also involved developing a suitable pedelec. User-friendliness, resistance to vandalism and an optically appealing design were the main criteria for this project. The objective was to run through the product development process from the initial idea through to the final prototype. At the end, the idea was to ultimately present to the public a fully functional prototype.

The pedelec is pushed into the rental station by the user. A fastening mechanism is attached to the front axle by which the pedelec is locked into the station. The user now holds an RFID card to the corresponding place on the station and the pedelec is automatically raised by the front axle and taken into the vertical parking position. In this position, the pedelec is locked up and is automatically charged using contacts on the front axle.
An electrically driven linear guide from igus® was used for the lifting mechanism that takes the bicycle from a horizontal to a vertical position. The centrepiece of this design is a drylin® ZLW-1040 toothed belt axle system. In addition, 2 igubal® KSTM pillow block bearings are used.



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