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Lubrication-free guide rollers for material handling systems

The alternative to steel guide rollers where low loads are involved

While the requirements in the area of material handling, especially intralogistics, are increasing continuously, the demands placed on the materials used due to the goods to be transported are also rising. Given the increasing speed, one important element of drive systems must always function reliably: the bearing. There are different types of guide roller: driven guide rollers made of steel, types made of stainless steel or plastic. They are used to establish a rolling contact between the conveyor frame and the conveyor belt.
Basically, guide rollers consist of an axle, which is enclosed in a sheath, and deep groove ball bearings with a flange in the form of end caps. The guide rollers supplied by igus can be used flexibly and, depending on the requirements, can be fitted with different deep groove bearing bearings. The igus conveyor rollers are not only used in the area of material handling but also in labelling machines, the packaging industry and the food industry, where they are sometimes used as guide rollers.

Do you want to change from guide rollers made of steel to lightweight xiros guide rollers? We will be happy to advise you.

xiros® polymer guide roller

Polymer guide roller

  • Food-compatible according to VO 10/2011/EU and VO 1935/2004/EG
  • Roller Ø, inner: 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20mm
  • Roller Ø, outer: 20mm
  • Length of the roller: 50-1,000mm

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xiros® guide roller made of aluminium

Aluminium guide roller

  • Aluminium roller
  • Inner Ø: 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20mm
  • Outer Ø: 20mm
  • Length of the roller: 50-500mm
  • B180 polymer ball bearing as end cap

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xiros® guide roller made of carbon

Carbon guide roller

  • Carbon roller
  • Outer Ø: 50 mm/100mm
  • Length of the roller: 50-1,000mm
  • S180 polymer ball bearing as end cap
  • Also available as an ESD version with F180 ball bearing

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Configure guide rollers online

The online tool for configuring your guide roller will provide you with a suitable product after you have entered your requirements in just a few steps. Simply enter the outer diameter and inner diameter, and specify the load and the temperature of the application.

  • Price and delivery time for the selected product are indicated
  • Easy access to the online catalogue or CAD data
  • Simply transfer to the shopping basket
  • No minimum order quantity
  • Order your free sample
  • Save, download or reset your individual configuration

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Configure and order guide rollers online

Profit from the advantages of our guide rollers and conveyor rollers:


xiros® ball bearings are lubrication-free

The polymer ball bearings used are lubrication-free and do not need any further external lubrication. As a result, the guide roller does not have to overcome the resistance of the lubricant and, while always operating smoothly, is also maintenance-free. You achieve savings in three ways: with regard to maintenance, weight and price.

Direct from the manufacturer

Polymer ball bearings direct from the manufacturer

xiros polymer ball bearings are the result of our own efforts and work. You profit not only from an immense variety of products that are available directly from the manufacturer and have significant advantages compared to solutions made of heavy steel, for example, but also from our many years of experience gained in the industry's largest test laboratory for motion plastics.


FDA-compliant ball bearings from igus®

Our guide rollers can be used without hesitation in equipment that handles food and beverages. They are resistant to chemicals such as fatty acids or grease. This has been attested by the European Commission with VO 10/2011/EU based on VO 1935/2004/EG.

Accessories: further end caps for guide rollers

End cap with glass balls for xiros® conveyor rollers

Resting on glass bearings

Material: xirodur B180

  • Suitable for many standard tubes
  • Good axial stability
  • Non-magnetic

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xiros® end cap for conveyor rollers with a hexagonal contour

With Allen wrench contour

Material: xirodur B180

  • Stainless steel balls
  • Suitable for many standard tubes
  • Good axial stability

Buy end cap with Allen wrench contour

xiros guide rollers in a labelling machine


xiros bearings are put through their paces in the industry's largest test laboratory.

xiros polymer ball bearings catalogue

The xiros ball bearings catalogue can be downloaded directly online!


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