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Cables for drive technology: The number 1 for cables for motion.

Cables for drive technology

Wide variety of energy chain cables. 36 month guarantee. Predictable service life. Largest test laboratory in any industry.

sold by the metre

Unharnessed cables  
Over 1,350 cables from stock


Harnessed cables  
4,200 harnessed drive cables in accordance with 24 manufacturer standards, deliverable in 24 to 48 hours

Single-cable solutions in drive technology

Single-cable solutions in drive technology  
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The topic of drive cables is currently being considered in detail in our energy supply blog. There are many contributions dealing with hybrid cables in particular - Find out about the latest technical developments, directly from the producer!
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Improve technology

Cables inside energy chains have to withstand many millions of movement cycles if unscheduled shutdowns are to be avoided. In the industry's largest test laboratory, igus® tests all its products in order to ensure that the materials and structure of its cable are optimally matched to each other and are thus able to ensure uninterrupted durability.

Predictable service life

With the chainflex® service life calculator, you can easily and quickly calculate the expected service life of chainflex® cables specifically for your application.

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Guaranteed reliability:
chainflex® cables convince

In our in-house test laboratory, we have been testing our cables for 25 years with regard to material, design, service life and customised applications. On average, 250 simultaneously performed tests and quality inspections are carried out at 58 testing stations under realistic conditions. Having the industry's largest test laboratory, we are therefore able to give our customers a guarantee of 36 months for our cables.  

As you wish

All our highly flexible drive cables for use in moving applications are available in the required length to within a centimetre, with or without connectors or directly ready-to-connect in an energy chain.

Wide variety from stock

All cables can be delivered directly from stock in 7 qualities, in accordance with 24 manufacturer standards and within 24 hours.

Harnessed drive cables  

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chainflex® sample box  

See for yourself the quality of our products. The sample box and catalogues contain the most important igus® products for drive technology and information on typical applications.
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Cables for drive technology in use

Measuring system cables for large scale machining centres

Good experience with cables for drive technology

CF113.D measuring system cables with PUR jacket and plug-in connectors are used in machining centres of the company WALDRICH COBURG GmbH. They have an improved cable and shield structure for a longer service life in energy chains. CF113.D cables are halogen-free and flame-retardant, and have UL and NFPA79.2012 certification.

Automatic drilling machines

Hybrid cable used in a complex application

The hybrid cables of the chainflex® product range are being used in the new flexible IMAGIC flex drilling systems. chainflex® hybrid cables from igus® guarantee a long service life and dependability in highly dynamic applications.
IMA Klessmann GmbH

Machining centres

Reduce process costs and errors

Machine-tool manufacturer Hartford from Taiwan has equipped its robotic machining centres of the AERO series with igus® harnessed energy chain systems, which include energy chains and oil-resistant chainflex® cables.

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Service life calculator for cables  
Service life calculator for cables

With the chainflex® service life calculator, you can easily and quickly calculate the expected service life of chainflex® cables specifically for your application.

Product finder for drive cables  
Product finder for drive cables

Harnessed drive cables in accordance with manufacturer standards can be found and ordered online quickly and easily. With service life calculation for the cable.  

Industry solutions  
Industry solutions

Whether in mechanical engineering, automobile manufacturing or in the robot industry - igus® offers customised support for special applications.  

Data sheets  
Technical data sheets

Here, you can find and download all the data sheets (PDF) for our products.

36 month guarantee  
36-month chainflex® guarantee

Thanks to the industry's largest test laboratory covering 2,750 m,we are the only supplier that can give a 36 month guarantee on all chainflex® cables.

CAE databases  
CAE databases

The catalogue range of 1,354 igus® chainflex® cable types for use in energy chains has already been integrated in various CAE databases.


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