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In our white papers, we share insights from practical experience as well as long-term research and development.

Plain bearing and shaft

Maximising the service life of shafts and plain bearings

Amongst other things, the white paper covers the following topics:

  • The problem: downtime due to maintenance
  • Galvanising: hot dip galvanising and electro-galvanising
  • Nitriding: gas nitriding and nitrocarburisation
  • Hard chrome shafts
  • Case study: heavy-duty tests with iglidurĀ® materials
  • Product development through persistent research
  • Technology and market outlook

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Test rig in the test laboratory

Plain bearing materials comparison: iglidur versus conventional plastics

Amongst other things, the white paper covers the following topics:

  • How do I find the suitable plastic plain bearing?
  • What plain bearing materials are there and what are their characteristics?
  • How do plain bearing materials perform in comparison?
  • What wear quality do the different plain bearing materials have? (Test methods, test results)

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Sample box - iglidur plain bearings

iglidur improves sample box

Learn about our materials. 
The sample box contains 39 plain bearings and templates, which makes it easy to find the right material.

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What is iglidur?

iglidur plain bearings under scrutiny

What do iglidur materials consist of? 
What is behind the self-lubrication effect? Learn more about the functionality of iglidur plain bearings.

iglidur materials under scrutiny