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iglidur® JB - Extremely wear-resistant – in black

iglidur® JB is wear resistant and because of its colour perfect for manufacturing visible parts.

Low wear

Low coefficient of friction

Low moisture absorption

Good liquid media resistance

Typical application areas: Visual areas in general, furniture construction, automation, aviation and aerospace technology, medical/rehabilitation technology, sport/fitness equipment

Bar stock made of iglidur JB

Material data table

General properties
Density 1,49 g/cm3
Colour black
Max. moisture absorption at +23 °C and 50 % r.h. 0,3 % weight
Maximum water absorption 1,3 % weight
Electrical properties
Specific volume resistance > 1013 Ω cm
Surface resistance > 1012 Ω
Mechanical properties
Flexural modulus 2400 MPa
Flexural strength 73 MPa
Max. recommended Surface pressure 35 MPa
Shore-D hardness 74
Thermal properties
Max. long-term application temperature +90 °C
Max. short-term application temperature +120 °C
Lower application temperature -50 °C

Dimensions [mm]

Part number Diameter Length
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