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xiros® ball transfer units: move heavy and sensitive loads easily

Whether in material handling equipment, the food industry and the glass industry or even in the sports area, sensitive or heavy goods can be transported with the help of ball transfer units without any great application of force. Absorbing loads with a load rating of up to 1,000N is no problem, which means that even heavy goods can be moved in nearly all directions. The conveyor ball inside the housing is mounted with many small balls in order to ensure perfect running values. From purely plastic solutions to ball transfer units with stainless steel conveyor balls:
optimise work processes with our lubrication-free, maintenance-free and cost-effective ball transfer units for the most diverse applications.

Ball transfer unit made of xirodur® B180 for light loads

Plastic ball transfer unit for small loads

  • Roll material: POM
  • Load capacity up to 500N
  • Temperature-resistant properties from -40° C to 80° C

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Ball transfer unit with stainless steel balls for higher loads

Ball transfer unit with conveyor element made of stainless steel

  • Ball material: stainless steel
  • Load capacity up to 500N
  • Long service life
  • Inverted installation possible

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xiros® ball transfer unit for higher loads

Ball transfer unit for heavier loads

  • Roll material: POM
  • Ball material: stainless steel
  • Load capacity up to 1.000N
  • Long-lasting, less abrasion

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Ball transfer unit made of xirodur® F182

Ball transfer unit, electrostatically dissipative

  • Max. static load capacity, axial: 300N
  • Housing made of xirodur F182
  • Long-lasting and corrosion-free

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Axial ball transfer unit made of xirodur® B180

Ball transfer unit, axial, for heavier loads

  • Transfer unit material: xirodur B180
  • Load capacity up to 300N
  • Low coefficient of friction

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Axial ball transfer unit with soft roller made of xirodur® D180

Ball transfer unit, axial, with soft roller

  • Transfer unit material: xirodur D180
  • Ring material: xirodur B180
  • Maintenance-free and lubrication-free

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xiros® ball transfer unit clamping ring

Optional accessory: clamping ring

  • For compensation of large hole dimensions
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Cost-effective

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Five times higher load capacity possible

Advantages of plastic ball transfer units

Transporting heavy loads from A to B: ball transfer unit tables make it possible to transport food, airport goods or glass. Ball transfer units in conveyor tables enable the smooth and easy transport of sensitive goods in different directions. Compared to metal solutions with massive steel housings or types made of aluminium with balls made of steel, ball transfer units from igus are completely lubrication-free and maintenance-free. This not only saves you money but also a lot of time and effort. In addition, the plastic ball transfer units can be used in any installation position - horizontal, vertical and overhead. A new design of the housing interior enables a five times higher load capacity of the ball transfer units compared to earlier versions.
xirodur, which is the material used, is particularly abrasion-resistant, durable and electrically insulating due to its technical properties. In the case of a magnetic surrounding of an application, customers can design the ball transfer units so that glass balls in the housing interior ensure a completely metal-free solution. Moving heavy loads with sharp edges and fragile sensitive goods on roller conveyors or roller ball tables: xiros ball transfer units are ideal for the safe transport of your loads.

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