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xiros® plastic ball bearings as roller conveyor in three-side cutters

Technical data

  • What was needed: Solution for the removal of books and paper stacks
  • Requirements: Low coefficient of friction, insensitive to dirt, lubrication-free and maintenance-free
  • Material: xirodu B180
  • Industry: Printing finishing
  • Success for the customer: xiros radial deep groove ball bearings made of xirodur B180 ensure reliable transport of cut books, brochures, magazines or newspapers.
Go to the three-knife trimmer of the company PERFECTA: The three-knife trimmer SDY TS is responsible for the reliable and universal cutting of books, newspapers, magazines or brochures in various formats and block thicknesses; from short to medium runs.

Three-side cutter uses xiros® plastic ball bearings


PERFECTA was looking for a roller conveyor to transport cut books and paper stacks. Metallic solutions were out of the question due to strong lubrication and greater dirt generation.


With xiros deep groove ball bearings made of xirodur B180, the discharge now works perfectly. In addition to low coefficients of friction, high dynamic use and freedom from lubricants and maintenance, the ball bearings are convincing due to their insensitivity to dirt.

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