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3D printed racks and gear transmissions

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3D printed plastic rack  

  • Upload a 3D model and order directly
  • Gears, racks, and other components
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Rack CAD configurator

Configure CAD rack  

  • Large selection of rack templates
  • Rack CAD download
  • No previous experience necessary

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3D printed plastic gears

3D printed plastic gears  

  • Gears with optimised tooth roots
  • iglidur® plastics increase service life
  • Wear-resistant and lubrication-free

3D printed gears

Racks from 3D printing made from our friction-optimised iglidur polymers - wear-optimised, delivered quickly and cost-effectively.
The production of racks with igus 3D printing offers many advantages. In addition to the provision of low-wear iglidur polymers, an optimised tooth shape also provide an enhanced service life to the racks we manufacture. The service life of racks made of iglidur materials is significantly higher than that of conventional 3D printing materials. This means longer maintenance intervals and less maintenance costs.  

Advantages of 3D printing of racks:

  • Fast and cost-effective production
  • Individual shapes and sizes feasible with no minimum order quantity
  • Optimised tooth shape can be 3D printed
  • Low-wear and friction-optimised iglidur polymers to choose from
  • Service life and specifications comparable to that of injection moulding

Durability of our 3D printing materials

Specifically for components in moving applications. The wear-resistant parts made of iglidur polymers manufactured with 3D printing at igus have a longer service life than standard 3D printing materials. In our in-house laboratory, we test our iglidur polymers continuously regarding their tribological properties.

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3D printed gear made of iglidur polymer in tribology test  

Filament and laser sintering powder made of iglidur polymer

  • Up to 50 times more abrasion-resistant than standard material
  • Wear-resistant components for prototypes and small batches
  • Simple processing
  • Ideal for tribological applications
  • Lubrication-free and dirt-resistant

More about our 3D printing materials

iglidur filaments and powders for the 3D printing of your component  

Order 3D printing sample box

igus 3D print sample box with wear-resistant parts from iglidur  

See for yourself the quality of our components made with 3D printing. Order our free sample box with a selection of printed samples and iglidur materials from igus additive manufacturing.

Order igus 3D printing sample box

3D printing for racks and gear transmissions  

Why 3D printing from igus?

With its five decades of expertise in wear-resistant components made of self-lubricating high-performance polymers, igus offers new possibilities in 3D printing. We offer solutions developed especially for moving applications in which usual materials would quickly reach their limits. Our polymers and the products they are used to make are tested extensively for wear, friction, and durability in our in-house test laboratory . In addition to special polymers for applications in specific surroundings, we offer expert advice, practical online tools and configurators, as well as free samples of our materials and products made out of them.  

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