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CAD configurators and service life calculators for 3D printed parts

► Free online tools without registration
► Faster product development: configure 3D models in 60 seconds
► No machine shutdown thanks to predictable service life

CAD configurators for 3D printing

Use the CAD configurators to create free templates for 3D printed components as follows:
1. Choose the desired component group
2. Enter the necessary dimensions. With the 360° viewing function, you can inspect and check the 3D model from all sides.
3. Select the necessary file format for the download and then download the CAD file.
4. To order the completed 3D model directly in our 3D printing service section, download it in the STEP format and then upload it in the 3D printing service section.
In our blog, you will also find detailed instructions for the design of gears and lead screw nuts for 3D printing.

Gear configurator

Configure gear CAD online

Lead screw nut configurator

Configure lead screw nut CAD online

Plain bearing configurator

Configure plain bearing CAD online

Rack configurator

Configure rack CAD online

Sliding plate configurator

Configure sliding plate CAD online

Roller configurator

Configure roller CAD online

Toothed belt disc configurator

Toothed belt disc CAD model

Calculate foreseeable service life for 3D printed parts made of iglidur

Service life calculator for polymer gears

Gear service life calculator

Take part in an online workshop with Dipl. Ing. Tom Krause to find out more about how you can use the gear service life calculator to design a durable gear in the most effective way possible. 

Service life calculator for plain bearings and sliding elements

Configure gear CAD online

In our blog, we explain how you can use the plain bearing service life calculator to determine the foreseeable service life of your 3D printed components.

Service life calculation for special parts

Calculate the service life of individual components

Send us the application parameters and the 3D model for your project and we will calculate the individual service life based on the data from our test laboratory.


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