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Wear-resistant 3D printed lead screw nuts

18 times more abrasion-resistant than in the case of usual 3D printed plastics

Configure trapezoidal lead screw nut CAD in 60 seconds online
► Fast manufacture: ready to ship in 1 to 3 days
► No minimum order quantity: From 1 to 10,000 pieces

Configure and order 3D printed threads online

Trapezoidal lead screw nut configurator

CAD configurator for threads

  • Basic shapes available as a template
  • With or without flange
  • No previous knowledge required (Instructions)

Order a lead screw nut sample

3D printed lead screw nut sample

Test our 3D printed lead screw nuts yourself with a free sample part

Design tip

3D printing design guide

What must be taken into account during design of thread models for 3D printing?

3D printed thread wear test

3D printed thread test

Test parameters:

  • Torque: 129Nm
  • Stroke: 370mm
  • Speed: 290 [rpm]
  • Duration: two weeks

3D printed thread comparison with ABS Y = Wear rate [mg/km] (lower is better)

1. ABS (FDM)
2. iglidur® i180 (FDM)
3. iglidur® J260 (FDM)
4. iglidur® i3 (SLS)
5. iglidur® J injection moulded

3D printed lead screw nut test

Test result:
depending on the 3D printing material and the manufacturing method, the wear resistance of igus 3D printing materials is 6 to 18 times higher than that of conventional materials.

Test rig with 3D-printed drive nuts in the test laboratory

Tom Krause, Head of Additive Manufacturing at igus, shows the wear test with 3D printed drive nuts in a linear application.
On the test rig: A drive nut made of conventional ABS material compared with a drive nut made of the igus material iglidur i3 optimised with solid lubricants.

Customer applications

Lubrication-free lead screw technology from the largest online thread shop in the world

Lead screw drives made of iglidur® plastics

Trapezoidal, high helix, and metric threads of high performance plastics with more than 5,000 variants available directly from stock. Discover drylin® catalogue parts, special solutions and configurators for threads, lead screw nuts, and lead screw drives as complete solutions.  
dryspin® thread technology: High efficiency and low wear
The patented dryspin® high helix thread technology was developed by igus® and offers numerous advantages over conventional high helix threads:

  • The flat thread angle converts the exerted power efficiently to a translational movement.
  • The harmonised geometries of plastic nut and lead screw give high helix threads an especially long service life and high efficiency.
  • The rounded tooth geometry allows the thread systems to operate quietly and without vibration under load.
  • The larger spaces between the individual threads increase the share of slide-optimised plastic in the threads by a factor of 1.3. This effect and greater efficiency allow a service life that is up to five times as long as that of conventional high helix threads.

drylin® lead screw technology – shop and more information

Free-of-charge CAD configurator for lead screw nuts

How to design the perfect lead screw nuts for your application:

  1. Select the desired trapezoidal lead screw nut shape.
  2. Select the thread direction and type.
  3. Indicate the width and outer diameter.
    The 360° view is updated to reflect your entries.
  4. Download the file in the desired format, add it to your CAD software, and edit it further or upload it directly in STEP format to our 3D printing service and order the part.  

Go to the configurator

Thread manufacture

Printed female threads:
female threads can be additively manufactured starting at size M6. Smaller threads require a check by our engineers, but there will be an additional charge for the necessary cleaning.
The thread design must be finished in the 3D model upon order. Observe the 0.1 mm clearance for female threads.
Cut threads:
Small threads can be cut later in mechanical processing. The blind hole must be taken into account in the 3D model during design. About €1 per thread will be charged extra for rework.
Metallic inserts (fastening threads only):
For greater tightening forces, 3D printed components can be equipped with metallic thread inserts. Size M3 to M6 inserts are always available.

Information about 3D printing at igus

Why 3D printing at igus?

Further information about

  • our materials
  • additive processes
  • Services and support

Polymer gear wear tests

3D printing wear tests

iglidur polymers are more wear-resistant than PLA, ABS and other materials and manufacturing processes

igus 3D printing news

3D printing news

Innovations in the field of industrial 3D printing. New products and services for additive manufacturing with wear-resistant polymers.


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