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3D printing repairs with self-lubricating polymers

The 3D printing materials consisting of iglidur polymers are ideal for the replacement of worn or broken individual parts or special parts. Many igus customers from different industries save a lot of time and money by having replacement parts printed from the wear-resistant tribo-polymers or by purchasing tribofilament and making replacement parts themselves as and when needed. 
Private persons can also increase the service life of their devices with replacement parts made of iglidur materials - provided they can design the required replacement parts themselves and/or have their own 3D printer. For those who don't have the knowledge or infrastructure to create replacement parts themselfs, there are several options to find support: In Germany we are cooperating with the Verbund Offener Werkstätten (Association of Open Workshops) (german page). Here you can find support online or locally, to help you with the design and manufacturing of a part. In your country you can find support through workshops, fab labs, makerspaces and other open workshops in your vicinity that have the necessary infrastructure for making parts yourself. We're working to expand our cooperation internationally, in order to make repairs with 3D printing available for everybody. If you are a member of a Repair Workshop Association, don't hesitate to contact us for cooperation suggestions. 

Filament donation for local not-for-profits workshops

In many cities and communities, there are also local repair initiatives that conduct repair events regularly or occasionally. Not all repair initiatives have their own 3D printers, but many can refer you to partners with better equipment - all you have to do is ask. If the repair initiative in your vicinity has a 3D printer but no igus filament, you are welcome to give the local contact person of the provider the link to our filament donation. Not-for-profit open workshops and repair initiatives can obtain up to two rolls of filament per enquiry completely free of charge. 

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Free filament for makerspaces and repair cafés

Useful links for 3D printing repairs

Free CAD configurators

CAD Configurator for 3D printing

In order to print a component, a 3D module must first be created with CAD software and converted into a STEP file. Whether gears, bearings or lead screw nuts - with our CAD configurators (registration not necessary), anyone can easily and quickly design the appropriate component online, even without any CAD experience. In our blog, you can find detailed instructions on the use of CAD configurators.

3D Printing Design Guide

3D printing design guide

What must be borne in mind for successful 3D printing of components? The design affects the quality of the result and the service life of the finished replacement part. In our free guide, you will find out what you have to bear in mind.

Our materials

3D printing materials for replacement parts

In addition to the easy-to-process filament iglidur I150, we have a wide range of special filaments for special requirements such as fire protection, heat resistance or the ability to dissipate static electricity. Moreover, our range of products includes laser sintering powder, which we use in our 3D printing service for the fast manufacture of special parts and volumes of 1 to 10,000.  

Customer examples of 3D printing repairs with iglidur materials

Sustainability at igus

3D printing for sustainability

As a plastics manufacturer, we are aware of our special responsibility to the environment. With our products, we want to improve technology and reduce costs - without losing sight of the importance of recycling and protection of the environment. We espouse recycling and sustainable production, and are involved in numerous resource-conservation projects.  


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