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Spherical bearings

Say goodbye to expensive, heavy and high-maintenance spherical bearings made of metal. Instead, count on the more economical alternative: igubal® spherical bearings made of a plastic which igus® engineers have turned into an all-round talent in decades of research work: the polymer bearings are up to 40% more cost-effective and up to 80% lighter than metal bearings. They are easy to mount and more economic in operation. Why? Because they are maintenance-free and have a long service life. The polymer bearings permit low-friction dry operation without lubricant, they are resistant to dust and coarse dirt, corrosion-free in wet and damp environments and can be deployed in a wide range of media. They remain reliable in operation, even when they have been exposed to UV radiation from the sun or nuclear radiation for many years. Suitable for temperatures ranging from -30 to +80°C, and even up to +200°C in the HT version.


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