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Bar stock - iglidur®

Wear problems are solved quickly and cost-effectively with a large selection of bar stock products from igus®. They are long-lasting and their shape can be adapted individually. Plastic bar stock products made of iglidur® material do not need any additional lubrication and are maintenance-free. They have been specially developed for dynamic applications, have low coefficients of friction and are very hard-wearing. This substantially lengthens the service life of your application. iglidur® bar stock products are available as round rods, tubes or plates of different lengths. Upon request, they can be machined if special shapes are needed. Depending on the application, different iglidur® materials with specific properties can be selected. For example, there are iglidur® plastic bar stock products that withstand temperatures up to +250 °C or have been certified for food and drinking-water applications.



Core Requirements

Number of products: 5

iglidur® A350, Plate bar stock
  • For use with temperatures up to +180 °C
  • Comply with the requirements of the FDA
  • For medium to high loads
  • Equally good for both oscillating and rotating applications
  • Lubrication- and maintenance-free
  • Fulfils the fire prevention requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration of the USA (FAA) for aircraft interiors

461.10 USD/Pc.

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iglidur® J, Plate bar stock
  • Low wear against different shaft materials
  • Low coefficients of friction in dry operation
  • Vibration-dampening
  • Good resistance to chemicals
  • Best performance with soft shaft materials
  • Low humidity absorption

35.60 USD/Pc.

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iglidur® JB, plate bar stock
  • Low wear
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Low humidity absorption
  • Good liquid media resistance

Upon request

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8 in 48 hours
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iglidur® A160, plate bar stock
  • Compliant with EU regulation 10/2011 EC, FDA-compliant
  • High media resistance
  • Lubrication- and maintenance-free

Upon request

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iglidur® A180, plate bar stock
  • Complies with food and drug administration (FDA) regulations for repeated contact with food
  • Good media-resistance
  • For wet environments
  • High wear resistance

Upon request

6 items, thereof ready for shipping:
6 in 48 hours
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