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Modular corrugated tube from igus gains the top cleanroom classification16/06/2016

The e-skin for motion in confined spaces gets the IPA Class 1 certification

With the e-skin, igus has developed a modular corrugated tube which is not only extremely easy to open, but unlike comparable energy supply products, also provides an unsupported operation in the smallest installation spaces. Now the motion plastics specialist has won the strict IPA ISO Class 1 certification for the product, This gives customers maximum safety for applications in cleanroom environments.

Absolute air purity is essential in many industries, especially in production, in the medical and pharmaceutical technology, semiconductor industry, aerospace technology, nano technology and measurement technology. Any contamination in cleanroom conditions has a direct damaging impact on products and processes and costs a lot of money. The e-skin from igus is used in the area of energy supply and provides a safe, robust and flexible supply of systems with data, media and energy without generating airborne particles above the narrow limit, which can contaminate the room.

Enclosed structures and abrasion resistance for clean production
Design and material of the e-skin have enabled the acquisition of the IPA ISO Class 1 certification through the Fraunhofer Institute. The corrugated tube is made up of tribologically optimised, abrasion-resistant plastic and its separable upper and lower shells can be easily put together by a "zipper" to a fully enclosed tube, which is highly dust-proof and water-resistant. This simultaneously guarantees its cleanroom suitability as well as a quick filling and maintenance of the cables. The assembly-friendly e-skin is also extremely light and ideal for small installation spaces, for instance in pick & place applications. Due to the stiffness of the material, the rib profile and a defined direction of motion, it is even applicable for short unsupported distances, unlike other corrugated hoses. Interior separation is also available as an option.

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