…4x coax for save data…

The CFKOAX family is now available in four variants

4 different types to choose from

50 and 75 Ω coax cable for maximum load requirements

TPE mixture adapted to suit the requirements in energy chains®

Bending radius moved minimum 10 x d

Typical applications:

Storage and retrieval units for high-bay warehouses, machining units/machine tools, quick handling, clean room, semiconductor insertion, indoor cranes, lowtemperature applications

Addition delivery program
Ordering number   Coaxial elements External Ø ca. Copper index Weight    
    [mm2] [mm] [kg/km] [kg/km]    
 CFKoax1.01 - - 4.5 7 23 Upon request 
 CFKoax1.05 - - 10 35 112 Upon request 
 CFKoax2.01 - - 5.5 20 37 Upon request 
 CFKoax3.01 NEW - 3.5 5 12 Upon request 
More about selected part:
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Addition delivery program
Ordering number   Wave impedance Colour code Colour outer jacket
 CFKoax1.01 - 75 black Steel blue
 CFKoax1.05 - 75 red, green, blue, white, black Steel blue
 CFKoax2.01 - 50 red Jet black
 CFKoax3.01 NEW 50 red Grey
More about selected part:
Sample request Cycle life QuickPin PDF Quote request Price list myCatalog

Available ex stock

More information:

Because of a current peak in orders, our delivery times have increased temporarily to 6-12 working days for e-chainsystems® and chainflex® cables. We are doing all we can to reduce delivery times as quickly as possible.

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