…230x convenient to unpack…CFRIP®

Now more than 230 types  
Now more than 230 types – Intelligent solution to strip long stripback lengths quickly and easily

Outer jacket can be opened like a zipper to the desired length by simply pulling the special CFRIP® tear strip.

50% time saving to strip long stripback lengths

Even after millions of movements in a daily operation the integrated tear strip doesn’t damage the outer jacket or cores

CFRIP®-tear strip in the outer jacket of the CF5, CF130.UL, CF30, CF37.D, CF34.UL.D

CFRIP®-tear strip in the inner jacket of the CF6, CF140.UL, CF31, CF35.UL, CF38

More cable versions are in preparation


Available ex stock

Delivery program:

Because of a current peak in orders, our delivery times have increased temporarily to 6-12 working days for e-chainsystems® and chainflex® cables. We are doing all we can to reduce delivery times as quickly as possible.

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