Service life of lead screw units can be calculated on-line

Thread technology service life  


Thanks to the full range, the perfect nut and lead screw for each application

In the service life calculator, nuts can now also be selected from the material iglidur® R, calculated and ordered. In addition, from now on, the lead screw price is calculated and displayed. The extension of the lead screw nuts to a full range, now consisting of 5 lubricant-free iglidur® high-performance polymers, is also available, so that you can now get the best solution for your application even more quickly.

Get suitable drylin® lead screw units for your application with just few inputs

Calculation of the anticipated service-life

Configure and request desired geometry for lead screw nuts and lead screws

Option for direct price display, enquiries and orders

Order free samples

Easy access to online catalogue or CAD data


From now on also available as iOS iPad App as a free download free from iTunes.

To the drylin® lead screw unit service life calculator  


From now on, lead screw units and nuts of the dryspin® systems can be selected and calculated. The lead screw nuts are hereby made ​​of the wear-resistant igus® high performance polymer iglidur® J. In addition, a variety of lead screw and nut materials remain available to choose from, whose suitability for the application as well as the expected service life can be calculated.
The selected products can then be quickly and easily ordered online. For standard components, the delivery time is 24-48 hrs. Materials are available for high efficiencies, wear resistance, high temperatures, as well as FDA approval.

Calculation of the anticipated service-life

Configure the desired geometry for lead screw nuts and lead screw

Lead screw units tailored to your application

easy access to other functions, such as on-line catalog, shopping cart, downloads, etc.

igus® products are available from 24 hours. Because of a current peak in orders, our delivery times have increased temporarily to 6-12 working days for energy chains. We are doing all we can to reduce delivery times as quickly as possible.

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