robolink® - modular system for robotics

Joints made ​​of plastic, can be configured and extended to suit almost any application

Articulated arms in various lengths and designs, in various sizes, including a route for additional control cables

igus® drive unit - Connection to drive and control units

Tools (functional units) such as gripper, hooks, vacuum cups, paddles, camera, and so on can be adapted as required.

robolink® D - direct drive

robolink D  

Directly driven joint with plastic worm gear for functional capacity and precision.

robolink® W wire rope

robolink W  

Joints with rope drive Rotating and pivoting can be combined in a joint.


Plastic gears with direct connection to the motor

Up to 4 axes

Light, modular, lubrication-free

High precision & load capacity


Decoupled rope wire drive

Up to 6 axes

Light, modular, lubrication-free

Suitable for human collaboration, very compact due to 2 DOF (degrees of freedom) per joint

robolink® blog

igus blogs  

Read updates on the robolink product development.

News 2016


Novelties and product range extensions.

The robolink® construction kit - modular and open

The robolink® range includes various joints, motors and connecting components. All components can be ordered separately. Therefore, it is possible to combine the robolink® joints and motors with special connecting elements. igus® provides CAD data for all components. In addition to the combination of our parts with self-made components, we offer the following combinations:

RL-DC (2-4 axes):

Directly driven joints with C-profile components as connecting element
robolink DC  

RL-WR (2-6 axes):

Rope-driven joints with round profile as connecting element

Sample configuration

robolink DC  

robolink® DC
Small version (SV)
Big version (BV)
Weight Weight [kg]
Range Range [mm]
Load Load [g]
Precision Precision [mm]

robolink WR  

robolink® WR
Weight Weight [kg]
Range Range [mm]
Load Load [g]
Precision Precision [mm]


Application examples


Order components separately

robolink® D joints


The joints can be ordered with or without motor.

robolink® W joints


Order robolink® W joints individually or combined:

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