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Thanks to igubal® spherical bearings expert, you only need to provide a few details of your application in order to obtain an overview of suitable igubal® spherical bearings and corresponding information on their foreseeable service life in your application.

Simply enter the parameters of your application to obtain the best solution for your application

Calculation of the anticipated service-life

Display of price and delivery time for each item

Easy transfer to your shopping cart

Order free samples

Easy access to the online catalogue or CAD data

Saving and loading configurations


igubal online tools  
Choose from the available options

1. The product you want, the load, the product version and the conditions of use
2. Then enter the operating temperature and forces, followed by the daily duration of use and the operating ratio
3. A click of the mouse initiates the calculation – The results are shown immediately.


Can also be used on the iPad

igus® products are available from 24 hours. Because of a current peak in orders, our delivery times have increased temporarily to 6-12 working days for energy chains. We are doing all we can to reduce delivery times as quickly as possible.

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