chainflex® product finder


chainflex® product finder – now as an iPad app

Go online to quickly find the best cable that works for less.

Using the chainflex® product finder, you only need to enter a few details of your application to obtain an overview of suitable chainflex® cables.

Speedy selection from more than 1,400 chainflex® cables

Direct display of delivery times

One click of the mouse in the online catalogue in order to submit an enquiry or place an order

The recently introduced price index helps you to choose the right chainflex® cable

If a solution that is suitable for especially difficult conditions cannot be found, you can simply send the entered data to one of our sales employees.

In addition to the existing standards and approvals, chainflex® cables also meet the NFPA, CEI and GL guidelines. In the chainflex® product finder, the chainflex® cables can thus be differentiated according to the 11 currently applicable international standards.


Available soon as an iPad app from iTunes.