Fifth vector® award
....for bold, innovative energy guide solutions - energy guide systems with cables

Modern polymer energy supply chains are the umbilical cord of mechanical engineering and automation They ensure the safe supply of energy, data, pulses and operating media and are always in motion. They can be used universally – on cranes, machine tools and robots, all the way to Hollywood.
Bold applications wantedThe vector® award is bestowed for audaciously inventive energy-supply applications. It is permissible for them to have been implemented with diverse kinds of energy chains and cables.

Harald Nehring  

Winner 2016

Golden vector® 2016:
robot for drilling platform

vector gold  

High costs, numerous manual processes and a high safety risk for workers. A new robotsupported solution compensates all these negative factors associated with working on an oil drilling platform. An independently working drilling platform system for use on land or offshore has been developed.

Silver vector® 2016:
machine tool

vector silver  

Previously, freely hanging cables were used for the 7th axis of a machine tool. The multi rotation module (MRM) from igus®, which allows rotational movements of up to 720 degrees, is now being used. As a result, rapid rotation of 180 °/s and acceleration of 30 °/s² with extremely fast changes of direction are possible.

Bronze vector® 2016:
production equipment

vector bronze  

Equipment for the production of different concrete elements: In this project in Thailand, a concrete spreader can only get to the place where it is washed via a branch line – the bucket has to travel 13.5 metres in the working area and a further 55 metres a day to the cleaning point.

Special jury mentioning

vector special  

Yacht systems

The first variable width seafaring catamaran has been created with components from igus®. In harbours, these double-hull boats always need two moorings next to each other. This is cost-intensive and, during high season, normally impossible to book.

The vector® award comprise:

The final submission date for the 2016 competition was 26.02.2016

The golden vector® statue, certificate and prize money of 5.000 Euro

The silver vector® statue, certificate and prize money of 2.500 Euro

The bronze vector® statue, certificate and prize money of 1.000 Euro

Extending the limits of what is feasible

The awards will be given at the Hanover Industry Fair (25.-29. April 2016).

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