drylin® W - Linear guide for almost unlimited leeway in design

drylin® W - profile guides

The drylin® W profile guides constitutes a cost-efficient preassembled system. The design allows extremely high flexibility in design and a simple installation by the application of individual or double rails Hard-anodized aluminum is used as rail material and provides for the best friction and wear results by profile guides. The exclusion of lubrication also makes the system extremely insensitive to dirt and because of the cleanness it it is well-suited for applications in clean and hygenic environments too.

drylin® W - Advantages  

drylin® W - Advantages


Weight saving


High speed

Silent and light weight

Profile guides  

drylin® W - technical properties

The technical properties of the drylin® W profile guide system

Profile guides  

drylin® W - configuration

Find the right profile guide system in 4 simple steps with the system and life calculation.

Delivery program:

DryLin® W rail guides

Single rail and housing bearing - round

Sizes: 10 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm


Single rail and housing bearing - angular

Sizes: 6 mm, 10 mm, 16 mm and 20 mm


double rail, round

Sizes: 10 mm (rail width 40 mm, 74 mm and 120 mm), 16 mm (rail width 58 mm), 20 mm (rail width 82 mm) and 25 mm (rail width 120 mm)


Guide carriage, assembled

Sizes: 10 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm

drylin® W double rail, square  

double rail, square

Sizes: 06 mm (rail width 30 mm), 10 mm (rail width 40 mm and 74 mm) and 16 mm (rail width 58 mm)

Mono-Slide guide  

Mono-slide guide carriage

Size: 10 mm

Linear Guides with “Turn-To-Fit”  

Single rail and housing bearing - round, adjustable

Sizes: 10 mm, 16 mm and 20 mm

drylin® W hybrid bearing | roller bearing  

Hybrid bearing WJRM

drylin® roller bearings - Roll and glide for easy movement.

drylin® W hybrid bearing double  

hybrid bearing double WJRM

drylin® double roller bearing - Roll and glide for easy movement.


Double rail, reduced weight

Sizes: 6 mm (rail width 30 mm), 10 mm (rail width 40 mm and 80 mm)

DryLin® W hybrid carriage with rollers  

Hybrid carriage with rollers

Size: 10, 16 mm


Stainless steel guide V4A, individual

Size: 20 mm


Stainless steel guide V4A - double

DryLin® W double rail, square  

drylin® W slider rails/carriages

drylin® W rail profiles with 3/8" threads, complete rails with Ø 10 mm through bore, with/without hand clamps

DryLin® W accessories and drive solutions

Gliding elements

For round and angular rails.


Manual clamp

Developed for simple positioning tasks.


Digital measuring system

With immediate digital indication of position.


Hand clamp for higher forces

Designed for positioning tasks with higher forces.

drylin® WKMEX measuring system with external output  


digital measuring system with external output

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DryLin® SLW - Compact  

DryLin® SLW - the compact*

Spindle-lift tables

The extremely thin unit is based on a DryLin® W profile system, and its entire length is supported. This design offers an extremely high torsional stiffening simultaneously with compact dimensions.

DryLin® ZLW - Toothed belt axis  

DryLin® ZLW

Toothed belt axis

For quick positioning of small loads.

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