drylin® W - Linear guide for almost unlimited leeway in design

drylin® W profile guides and carriages

The drylin® W profile guides constitutes a cost-efficient preassembled system. The design allows extremely high flexibility in design and a simple installation by the application of individual or double rails Hard-anodized aluminum is used as rail material and provides for the best friction and wear results by profile guides. The exclusion of lubrication also makes the system extremely insensitive to dirt and because of the cleanness it it is well-suited for applications in clean and hygenic environments too.

drylin® W - Advantages  

drylin® W - Advantages


Weight saving


High speed

Silent and light weight

Profile guides  

drylin® W - technical properties

The technical properties of the drylin® W profile guide system

Profile guides  

drylin® expert

Find the right profile guide system in 4 simple steps with the system and life calculation.

drylin® W rail guides


Single rail and housing bearing - round

Sizes: 10 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm


Single rail and housing bearing - angular

Sizes: 6 mm, 10 mm, 16 mm and 20 mm


double rail, round

Sizes: 10 mm (rail width 40 mm, 74 mm and 120 mm), 16 mm (rail width 58 mm), 20 mm (rail width 82 mm) and 25 mm (rail width 120 mm)

drylin® W double rail, square  

double rail, square

Sizes: 06 mm (rail width 30 mm), 10 mm (rail width 40 mm and 74 mm) and 16 mm (rail width 58 mm)


WSX high profile rail

Available in 4 installation sizes


The first drylin® linear guide made of carbon

Manufactured from high-strength and resistant carbon

Stainless steel version  

Stainless steel guide V4A, individual

Size: 10 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm


Stainless steel guide V4A - double

Curved rails  

Curved rails

igus® provides customised curved rails with matching carriages in curved design for the drylin® W product range.


Double rail, reduced weight

Sizes: 6 mm (rail width 30 mm), 10 mm (rail width 40 mm and 80 mm)

drylin® W carriages


Carriage, mounted

Sizes: 10 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm


Slide rails/carriages

drylin® W rail profiles with 3/8" threads, complete rails with Ø 10 mm through bore, with/without hand clamps


Mono-slide guide carriage

Size: 10 mm

drylin® carriage for curved rail  

Carriage for curved rail in two installation sizes

For curved rails from the drylin® W linear system. Automatically adjusts to different rail radii and linear angles.

Carriage with hybrid roller bearing

drylin WWR complete carriages  

Complete carriages WWR

Complete carriage for lateral adjustments

Guidance via a double rail without support

drylin® W hybrid carriage with rollers  

Hybrid carriage with rollers

Size: 10, 16 mm

Hybrid complete carriages  

Smooth running with 8 rollers

The sliding and rolling system is convincing in many applications which require an easy and quiet adjustment.

Camera slider  

Easily roll & clamp – no 'stick-slip'filming

drylin® W manual clamps size 06

drylin® W options

Linear guide with adjustable bearing clearance  

Linear guide with adjustable bearing clearance

Sizes: 10 mm, 16 mm and 20 mm

Tandem housing 16  

drylin® W tandem housing

drylin ® W tandem bearing in installation size 16

Manual clamps  

Manual clamps

Developed for simple positioning tasks.

Manual clamp for square rails  

Manual clamp for square rails

drylin® W manual clamping WHKAQ

HK aluminium  

drylin® W manual clamps made of aluminium

In addition to the individual bearing housings made ​​of anodised aluminium, the drylin® W product range also contains a matching manual clamp option.

HKD force  

Manual clamp for higher retention forces - WHKD

Designed for positioning tasks with higher forces.

HK 06  

Small manual clamp

The hand clamping function for installation size 06 completes the scope of delivery of the drylin® W linear system.

WSX end caps  

Cover caps for drylin® high profile rails WSX

Resistant to dust and dirt

drylin® W hybrid bearing

drylin® W hybrid bearing | roller bearing  

Hybrid bearing WJRM

drylin® roller bearing - rolling and gliding for easy movement.

drylin® W hybrid bearing double  

Hybrid bearing double WJRM

drylin® double roller bearing - rolling and sliding for easy movement.

Hybrid bearings  

drylin® W hybrid bearing in stainless steel

Due to the integrated rollers, the drylin® W hybrid roller bearings are lubrication-free and smooth running.

Hybrid 06  

Manual clamp for hybrid bearings

drylin® W manual clamping WJRM-HKA

drylin® W accessories and drive solutions


Digital measuring system

With immediate digital indication of position.

SLW - with digital measuring system  

drylin® SLWM

drylin® W measuring system with freely positionable display

drylin® WKMEX measuring system with external output  

drylin® WKMEX

digital measuring system with external output

drylin® W measuring system with freely positionable display  

drylin® WKMEDR

drylin® W measuring system with freely positionable display

drylin® W systems drive technology


SLW - The compact one

Flat and compact

High torsional stability

Fully supported

Hard anodized aluminium rail


SLWE - PL - preload

Flat and compact

High torsional stability

Fully supported

Hard anodized aluminium rail


SLWE-BB ball-bearing

Reduced driving power

Minimized clearance up to 1500 rev/min (according to length and load)

Quiet operation - reduced vibration of the overall system


SLWS compact with steep thread

Pitch 8 x 15 mm

Flat and compact

High torsional stability

Hard anodized aluminium rail

SLW linear axis  

SAW - linear module

Trapezoidal or high helix spindle

Leadscrew with ball bearing

Rail extrusion with high profile form factor, extremely torsion resistant

SLW stainless steel  

SLW-ES - stainless-steel version

Stainless steel version with corrosion-resistant steel components (1.42305, 1.4408 or 1.4571)

Bearing material selectable

SLW stainless steel  

SLW-PT - with protected lead screw

drylin® W profile rail as a protective mechanism

Available with pitch 10x2, 10x12 or 10x50

Compact design

3 carriage lengths

SLW stainless steel  

SLWT – two linear units are rolled into one

Different lead screw pitches can be combined

Separate manual adjustment of carriages

Lubrication-free linear guide drylin® W

Operation either manual or motorised


ZLW - toothed belt axis

Maintenance-free, complete slide-mounted toothed belt axis for quick positioning of small loads.

drylin® XY-tables


SLW - cross slide

Low cost cross slide solution for manual adjustments

lubricant-free and corrosion resistant

Maximum stroke length in XY tables 300 mm


SLW - cross slide - stainless steel

For manual adjustments

All construction materials: VA and V4A stainless steel

Chemical- and corrosion-resistant

drylin® drive technology, ready to connect for stepper motor


Ready-to-connect SAW for step motor

For your step motor Type NEMA-23

Threaded drive spindle, ball-bearing mounted

Pitches 2 mm, 3 mm, 12 mm or 50 mm per rotation

Compact design, low weight, high stability

Linear axes  

Linear module available for quick delivery

Flat and compact

High torsional stability

Fully supported

Hard anodized aluminium rail


Gantries for more axes – line

Gantries combine several linear axes in order to implement a multidimensional movement.

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