drylin® T - Linear guide systems

drylin® T linear guide systems were specially developed for applications in automation and handling systems. The design objective was a rugged linear guide for application in the most diverse - and also extreme - environments. They have the same dimensions as most recirculating ball bearing guides.

Technical data

Gliding elements: Maintenance-free
Material: iglidur® J*
Max. surface speed: 15 m/s
Operating temperature: -40°C to +90°C
*Other materials on request



Profile rail and base body of the carriage made of aluminum. The rail is hard-anodized, the aluminum base body of the carriage is clear anodized.


Six gliding elements made of iglidur® J serve as guide bearings, which are positioned opposite to each other in pairs and make up 3 guide bearings.


Alternatively, bearing clearance is continuously adjustable


All steel parts are stainless steel


The lid is made of solid plastic or stainless steel


100 % lubricant-free

Adjustable bearing clearance

Automatic clearance adjustment

High static load capacity

Service life up to 50,000 km without lubrication

High dirt resistance

Low vibration and low noise

When not to use ?

When you want to save installation space
drylin® N
drylin® W

When you need a pure stainless steel solution
drylin® W
drylin® R

When you want to construct as economical as possible
drylin® N
drylin® W

drylin® T - options

The drylin® T linear guide systems can be supplied with manual continuous clearance adjustment, as automatic, heavy-duty or low-profile versions.

drylin® T - Adjustable clearance  

drylin® T - Adjustable clearance

The drylin® T standard version is supplied preset and can be put into operation at once. The user can also manually adjust or fine-tune the clearance of the linear guide. The individual adjustment for your application, as well as the potential to respond to uneven screw surfaces through specific clearance allowance.

drylin® T - Automatic  

drylin® T - Automatic

drylin® T carriages of the automatic version have a mechanism that automatically adjusts the bearing clearance after removal of the preload key. In case a bearing clearance of more than 0.13 mm has to be adjusted during operation, the bearing clearance automatically resets itself when the carriage is completely unloaded.

drylin® T - Manual clamping  

drylin® TW-HKA manual clamp

The manual clamp has been developed for simple tasks. The creep behavior of the clamped plastic causes a slackening in clamping force over time (up to 70%). Therefore safety-related parts should not be clamped. Please approach our applications consultant if you require other options for the clamping.

drylin® T Heavy Duty  

drylin® T - Heavy Duty

This series is used for the most extreme conditions such as dirt, adhesive residues, chips, mud, etc. The plastic gliding elements made of iglidur® J are fixed in the lid and are therefore non-detachable. This system is compatible with many standard commercial recirculating ball bearing systems and is available in the following sizes: TW-01-20, TW-01-25 and TW-01-30.

drylin® T - Low-profile guide  

drylin® T - Low-profile guide

The clearance is not adjustable for the drylin® T low profile guide rails. The gliding elements are mounted with positive fit in the chromated zinc carriage. This simple and effective design enables guides that are rugged and low-priced at the same time.

drylin® T - Compact linear guide  

drylin® T - Compact linear guide

This compact linear guide is suitable for rugged use (without clearance adjustment). This system has a slim design and the same dimensions as conventional recirculating ball bearing systems. The plastic gliding elements made of iglidur® J are fixed in the lid and are therefore undetachable. Suitable for drylin® T guide rail of installation size 20.

drylin® TWBM hand clamp  

drylin® TWBM - Manual clamping with high holding force

This manual clamping is designed for a long-lasting high holding force of up to 500 N per clamping element.

drylin® T  

drylin® T clamping elements for rail guide

drylin® T clamping elements for fast positioning by hand

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