iglidur® I3-PL for 3D printing via SLS

SLS material  

The material iglidur® I3-PL, specially developed for laser sintering, proved to have an abrasion resistance at least 3 times greater than conventional materials for laser sintering during tribologic tests in the igus® test laboratory. This means the degree of design freedom for wear resistant parts has been increased yet again.

For beta testing

Wear-resistant and low coefficients of friction

Good mechanical properties

Detail accuracy with exact surfaces

Can be processed in a similar way to commercially available SLS materials.

Typical application areas:Prototyping, small series, special machine construction, ...

Wear test, rotating: v = 0.3 m/s; p = 1 MPa; shaft: 2 SS and Cf53

Wear test, rotating

Y = Wear rate [μm/km]
A = PA12 (SLS)   B = PA12 + glass balls (SLS)   C = iglidur® I3-PL (SLS)   D = iglidur® I180-PF (FDM)

Test results:

In this rotating wear test, the abrasion resistance of iglidur® I3 is higher than that of conventional SLS materials by a factor of 4. In addition, the shafts and bearings that are shown here and were used in the test make it clear that iglidur® I3 results in considerably less stress on the mating component, the service life of which is also increased as a result.

Wear test, linear: p = 1MPa; v = 0.1 m/s; I = 5 mm

Linear wear test

Y = Wear rate [μm/km]
A = PA12 (SLS)   B = PA12 + glass balls (SLS)   C = iglidur® I3-PL (SLS)   D = iglidur® I180-PF (FDM)

Test results:

The results shown here from the linear short stroke test, indicate that the wear-resistance of iglidur® I3 is better than standard SLS materials by a factor of at least 3.

Wear test, swivelling CF53: v = 0.01 m/s; ß = 60°

Wear test, swivelling

Y = Wear rate [μm/km]
A = iglidur® I3-PL (SLS)   B = iglidur® I180-PF (FDM)   C = iglidur® G injected   D = iglidur® W300 injected

Test results:

In the heavy-load tests shown here, wear rates similar to those of iglidur® injection-moulded bearings were achieved with a load of up to 45 MPa (= 1600 kg) on the printed iglidur® I3 bearings.

Flexural strength dependent on construction direction

Flexural strength

Y = flexural strength [MPa]
A = Construction direction flat (Z-axis) or lateral (Y-axis)   B = Construction direction upright (X-axis)

Construction direction XY  
Test results:

The bending tests indicate the greater strength of iglidur® I3 and particularly the more uniform strength irrespective of the construction direction.

Material data table

General properties
Density 1.05 g/cm3
Colour Yellow
Max. moisture absorption at +23 °C and 50 % r.h. 0,5 % weight
Maximum water absorption 1,9 % weight
Mechanical properties
Flexural strength 68 MPa
Max. permissible surface pressure 46 MPa
Thermal properties
Max. long-term application temperature +80 °C
Max. short-term application temperature +120 °C
Lower application temperature -40 °C

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Do you have any ideas or requirements for the SLS printing of abrasion loaded parts? Then please contact us.

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