triflex® RSE – automatic retraction system for triflex® TRC, TRE, TRCF

Retraction system for welding, riveting and nailing robots.

triflex® RSE retraction system  


igus® drylin® linear module, lubrication and maintenance-free

The more variety there is in automated production technology, the greater are the requirements placed on energy supply systems. Increasingly it is not only electrical and pneumatic cables which have to be guided on manufacturing robots but also tubes for bolts, rivets and nails. Since these are not compatible with small bending radii, the new triflex® RSE uses an extremely simple linear retraction without bends, fibre rods or rollers.
Without deflection and no loops.
The triflex® RSE retraction system is used to hold the e-chain® compactly on the robot arm, to prevent the hanging chain from influencing or blocking the movement of the robot. The triflex® RSE is an especially light and low-cost retraction system

Available for triflex® sizes from 60-125 – all to be mounted on one system

Shorter cable lengths, because there is no deflection

More cost-effective

Space-saving design

Less deflection points, greater process reliability for laser light cables and supply hoses

Typical applications:Industrial robots with complex motion sequences, for laser light cables (LLC) and supply hoses

triflex® RSE-System

triflex® RSE-System  

The RSE pull-back system consists of the following component parts:


drylin® linear guide with carriage


Elastic strap for retraction


Fastening plates for variable connection on a variety of robot types


Connection element without strain relief of the respective e-chain® size


Gliding feed-through of the respective e-chain® size

triflex® RSE retraction system  
RSE system product range:
Part No.:
Order number For series triflex® R
 TR.RSE.40 TRC.40.058.0 | TRE.40.058.0.B TRE, TRC Upon request 
 TR.RSE.50 TRE.50.080.0.B TRE, TRC Upon request 
 TR.RSE.60 TRE.60.087.0.B | TRC.60.087.0 TRE, TRC Upon request 
 TR.RSE.70 TRE.70.110.0.B | TRC.70.110.0 TRE, TRC Upon request 
 TR.RSE.85 TRE.85.135.0.B | TRC.85.135.0 | TRCF.85.135.0 TRE, TRC, TRCF Upon request 
 TR.RSE.85.240 TRCF.85.240.0 TRCF Upon request 
 TR.RSE.100 TRE.100.145.0.B | TRE.100.145.0.C | TRC.100.145.0 | TRCF.100.145.0 TRE, TRC, TRCF Upon request 
 TR.RSE.125 TRE.125.182.0 | TRC.125.182.0 TRE, TRC Upon request 
More about selected part:
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triflex® e-chain® product range for the RSE system:

Please note that the length of the e-chain® in the RSE system should be at least 800 mm.

triflex® R
for RSE system:
TRE.60.087.0.B   Order
TRC.60.087.0   Order
TRE.70.110.0.B   Order
TRC.70.110.0   Order
TRE.85.135.0.B   Order
TRC.85.135.0   Order
TRCF.85.135.0   Order
TRCF.85.240.0   Order
TRE.100.145.0.B   Order
TRE.100.145.0.C   Order
TRC.100.145.0   Order
TRCF.100.145.0   Order
TRE.125.182.0   Order
TRC.125.182.0   Order

Clip protector product range:

For the RSE system, we recommend the use of a protector.

triflex® R
Protector with screw fastener Protector with quick-lock fastener
TR. 40.10   Order TR. 40.30   Order
TR. 60.10   Order TR. 60.30   Order
TR. 70.10   Order TR. 70.30   Order
TR.85.10   Order TR.85.30   Order
TR.85.240.10   Order -  
TR. 100.10   Order TR. 100.30   Order
TR.125.10   Order -  

Calculating the overall chain length | RSE e-chains®

R [mm] Dim. A
30. - -
40. 058 390
50. - -
60. 087 750
65 - -
70. 110 750
85. 135 750
85. (R 240) 240 750
100. 145 750
125. 182 750

Excess length in direction A6 + dimension A + excess length in direction A6 = total chain length

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