Lower cost, lighter and even easier to assemble – guidelok slimline P – now made entirely of plastic

...simple guide energy into heights …

guidelok slimline G  

Guide trough for vertical applications, especially for stacker cranes of all type, now even lighter. Locking lever and guide rails prevent swinging and deflection of the energy chain.

Significant savings of costs and weight comparedwith a complete steel enclosure

Thus transport costs are also lower

Quick, easy and secure assembly by clipping in the guide rails

Significant noise reduction

Easy access for servicing

Energy, data and other media in a single system

Typical applications:Stacker cranes,elevators, construction and crane lifts, automatic car parks, ship lifts

Up to 7 m/s

guidelok slimline P  
guidelok slimline P  
guidelok slimline P  
guidelok P  
Dimensions [mm]

part. no. guidelok P e-chain®-series Inner width bend radius  
    Bi [mm] R [mm]  
GLSL.P.255. 10.150.LLLL/FFFF 255 103 150  Request
GLSL.P.2700.10.150.LLLL/FFFF 2700 100 150  Request

Delivery time  

from octobre 2015

More information:

News 2015

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