igus E4.1 e-chain® with tribo-optimised vibration damping

… damped e-chain®.

… damped e-chain®.  

For applications with high vibration loads the service life of the energy supply can be reduced, for example, rotary swaging. Rotary swaging, for precision forming of tubes, bars and other symmetric workpieces. The dies perform high frequency radial movements with short strokes, and exert radial pressure forces on the workpiece. Forming occurs in many small individual steps. Rotary swaging is therefore an incremental forming procedure. The E4.1 e-chain® with tribo-optimised vibration damping was developed to solve this by absorbing and compensating for vibration.
Typical applications:Rotary swaging/swaging, construction machines (earth drilling machines, pile drivers), all applications with the highest levels of vibration.

Tribo-optimised polyamide for
absorbing vibration

Tribo-optimised polyamide for absorbing vibration

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