Rise protection, easy to retro-fit

… Rise protection modular construction kit.

Alu-trough with rise protection  

When guiding e-chains® on very long travels or in case of highest push/pull forces the igus rise protection gives you more security. The rise protection is now available as a ready-to-install module from the igus® aluminum trough kit. No need for special custom parts any more.

Rise protection for extremely long travel lengths now available from stock

Seawater and corrosion resistant

Increased security under high loads and over long travel distances


Typical applications:Cranes, coal bunkers, inclined lifts, long travels longer than 100m with high loads

Rise protection  
Alu guide trough  
Part No. For e-chain®
 RP.974.31.SL E4.56, 4040R, 4040RHD Upon request 
 RP.P974.Bi.31.SL P4.56 Upon request 
 RP.975.31.SL E4.80, 5050R, 5050RHD Upon request 
 RP.P975.Bi.31.SL P4.80 Upon request 
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delivery time 2 weeks

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