3D print building: lubrication and maintenance free products for all 3D printers

Bearing and energy chain solutions in 3D printers

Components or ready-to-install system solutions – suitable for all installation areas

You will already find our lubrication and maintenance free technologies and components in most assembly kits and blueprints for 3D printers. This is because tribologically optimised motion plastics® enable you to improve your 3D printing technology while also reducing costs. We have compiled the most suitable and commonly used products for you from our diverse dry-tech® and e-chain® kits: drylin® linear and shaft guide systems plus lead screw technology and energy supply systems with low installation heights, the smallest sizes and the narrowest bending radii. We also supply system solutions that are completely ready to install – micro e-chains®, chainflex® solutions and motorised linear axes.
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igus® solutions for 3D printing:


How to use our tribo classics in a 3D printer:

igus® ‘vitamins’ in 3D printers


3D printers being used with igus® products


Cable routing at the print head

Cable routing at the print head/extruder  
igus® energy chains® and cables

Solutions for the tightest bending radii

Low weight, high speed

Diverse modular interior separations

Quiet rolling movements and high stability

chainflex® cable range for bending radii up to 4 x d

XY axis linear movements

XY axis linear movements  
DryLin® R shaft guides

Superior operating properties, long service life

Wear and dirt resistant

Compatible with ball bearings

Very silent run

Also suitable for use on soft shafts

Z axis height adjustment

Z axis height adjustment  
drylin® linear guide systems

Linear guide systems with low installation height

Low noise, light and clean

Short strokes possible

Maintenance-free, dry operation

High speeds and accelerations

Print table lowering mechanism

Cable routing at the print head/extruder  
drylin® lead screw drives

Lead screw/lead screw nut with trapezoidal thread

Self-locking with high degree of efficiency

Lead screw nut in 5 iglidur® materials

Delta vertical guide 3D printer

XY axis linear movements  
igubal® Plastic spherical bearing

Slim structure

Maintenance-free, dry operation

self aligning bearings

Secure energy supply with 3D movements

Print material

Z axis height adjustment  
igus® Tribo-Filament

Very wear resistant

Suitable for any 3D printers

Choice of 3 iglidur® materials

Diameters of 1.75 mm and 3 mm

Benefits of igus® products in 3D printers

Lubrication free for lifeno risk of contamination for printer components and print output

Silent run and smooth glidingHardly any drive noise by the omission of balls and perfectly harmonized polymer materials

Lightweight, cheap and easy assemblythrough the use of lubricant-free high-performance plastics in plain bearings and energy chains® as well as anodized aluminum in guide rails

Available in 24h or today*

Long lifedue to igus® energy supply chains and flexible, energy chain compatible cables that prevent cable failures

Sizes and diversity in optionsSuited for even the smallest installation spaces

Products are particularly suited for use in 3D printers

Find out here how igus® products can further improve your 3D printer application.

igus® has 100,000 products from stock and from lot size 1 - we have the right solution for your 3D printer application - contact us!


drylin® R -
bearing, closed, narrow design

Compact linear plain bearings

Drop-in replacement for recirculating ball bearings - also available as reduced clearance version.


drylin® E7 liners

The best on steel

Up to 8 times longer service life  and ideal for steel and stainless steel shafts

All polymer bearing  

All polymer bearing

Japan dimensions

The lubrication-free alternative, including to former ball bearings in 3D printers.


drylin® RJMP -
Linear round guide

Precise and very low price

The 2nd generation of drylin® plastic linear
bearings RJMP is both low clearance and low cost.

An steel or stainless steel precision shaft  


Precision shafts

Shafts made from aluminium, steel or stainless steel, ideal in combination with iglidur® liners for low wear. Available from stock, custom machining possible.


drylin® N low profile linear
guide system

in installation heights between 6 and 12 mm

Low profiles in various widths, lubricant-free operation of the carriage, low weight, rails anodised in silver or black.


drylin® T miniature rail - linear system in compact design

Also as adjustable version

Maintenance-free dry operation, low installation height, silent run and the same dimensions as conventional recirculating ball bearing systems


drylin® W - linear guide

For almost unlimited leeway in design

cost-efficient preassembled system, lubricant-free, dirt-repellant

E2 micro  

E2 micro - energy supply

Smallest sizes

Low-weight energy supply chain, therefore ideal for highly dynamic applications.

chainflex® cables  

chainflex® - cables

for energy chains®

Smallest bending radii, carious jacket materials, jacket materials and approvals.


drylin® -
zero backlash threaded nuts

High helix clearance-free for life

Screw drives with steep thread for quick adjustments of small loads. The zero backlash system provides reduced backlash throughout its life.


drylin® - trapezoidal
leadscrew nuts

with axial lock

Low noise, insensitive to dirt and dust, corrosions-free.

drylin® E  

drylin® E - linear modular system

Complete systems: Linear axis plus motor, ready to fit

lubricant and maintenance-free, compact and light design, low-priced


iglidur® G - cylindrical bearing

The all-rounder

Maintenance-free dry operation, high abrasion resistance, insensitive to dust and dirt

igubal® pillow block bearing  

igubal® - Pillow block bearings

Spherical adjustability

Compensation of misalignment and edge loads for rotary, oscillating and linear movements.

drylin® Q product overview  

drylin® Q Square linear guides

Move torque resistant

Hollow cavity principle for supply lines, particularly light, various fastening options, lubricant-free solution.

Rod ends  

igubal® rod end bearings

Maintenance-free, dry operation

Compensates alignment errors and edge loads, resistant to dust, dirt, and fluff

triflex® R - overview  

triflex® TRL 3 axis energy chain

Easy filling

Small bending radii and small pitch - for a space-saving installation.

drylin® SAW - linear axis  

drylin® SAW linear axes

Ready to fit

For increased precision and smoother operation, can be combined with our motor kits.

drylin® E gantries  

drylin® E gantries

Assembled from stock

Flat, line and room gantries for the broadest range of tasks.




Ready-to-install e-chain systems® and assembled cables for your machines. In quantities as low as one, delivery in 1 to 10 days!

Application examples

igus® products used in 3D printing machines

3D printer: ready to install

The 3D printer manufacturer uses ready-to-install system solutions whether in rapid prototyping or mass production - the 3D technology offers fascinating opportunities.

3D printer: ready to install    

3D printing machine

This year, Bronze goes to a laser-based 3D printing machine that prints metal parts made of titanium, aluminium, steel or even gold.

3D printing machine    

3D Printing machine

This idea could significantly reduce the purchasing price of 3D printers for private use.

3D Printing machine    

3D Printing machine

This 3D printer prints reliably and precisely.

3D Printing machine    

3D Printing machine

This 3D printer is favourably priced and very easy to install.

3D Printing machine    

3D Printing machine

This 3D printer runs quietly and precisely.

3D Printing machine    

3D Printing machine

This printer prints objects up to one metre of height.

3D Printing machine    

3D Printing machine

This printer is precise and very lightweight.

3D Printing machine    

3D printer: max. print volumes

drylin® N flat guides with low installation height in the 3D printer LOV3.

3D printer: max. print volumes    

3D printer: light and low noise

drylin® linear technology in Cobot 3D printer. Light, quiet, and completely lubricant-free.

3D printer: light and low noise    

3D printer: xyz lubrication free

Lubricant-free, accurate, and very quiet: igus® components in 3D printers.

3D printer: xyz lubrication free    

3D Printing machine

This printer makes three-dimensional plastic models.

3D Printing machine    

3D Printing machine

This printer processes the raw material into an optimal three-dimensional product.

3D Printing machine    

3D Printing machine

This printer ensures precise three-dimensional products.

3D Printing machine    

3D Printing machine

This printer produces three-dimensional plastic parts in the shortest possible time.

3D Printing machine    

3D printers: smallest bending radii

Bits From Bytes, Ian Adkins, Clevedon, United Kingdom

3D printers: smallest bending radii    

3D printer donated to Otto-Hahn Gymnasium (German High-School)

igus® donates 3D printer to Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium in Bensberg.

3D printer donated to Otto-Hahn Gymnasium (German High-School)    

3D printer donated to Paul-Klee Gymnasium (German High-School)

igus® donates 3D printer to Paul-Klee Gymnasium in Overath.

3D printer donated to Paul-Klee Gymnasium (German High-School)    
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More motion plastics® for 3D printing

3D printing service

3D printing service  
Your component ready in as little as 24 hours

We print your customised component from lubrication and wear resistant iglidur® plastics; you can quickly install and use it. It’s very simple: whether a prototype or a complex custom part. Tell us your requirements, upload your 3D data or choose from our CAD file. Depending on its complexity, we will then deliver your product in as little as 24 hours.

3D printed Tribo filaments

3D printed Tribo filaments  
Made for motion

Our tribologically optimised filaments are up to 50 times more abrasion-resistant than standard 3D print materials. This results in higher levels of effectiveness. So you can produce prototypes and small series more quickly and cost effectively. Printed components can also quickly replace wear parts and reduce downtime periods.

3D printing material for laser sinters

3D printing material for laser sinters  
Tribo plastic for the laser sinter process

The material iglidur® I3-PL, specially developed for laser sintering, proved to have an abrasion resistance at least 3 times greater than conventional materials for laser sintering during tribologic tests in the igus® test laboratory.

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