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Fully enclosed and heat-resistant: igus energy tubes withstand hot chips up to 850°C15/09/2017

Lightweight R4.1L energy supply systems made of high temperature resistant plastic for applications in areas with hot Chips

Now the motion plastics specialist igus has a high-temperature option for its R4.1L series of enclosed energy tubes, designed for contact with hot chips up to 850°C. Thanks to the special plastic igumid HT for the lids of the chain, the chips do not stick to the tubes or burn into the material. Due to the enclosed design, the cable-friendly tubes are particularly suitable for applications in the machine tool industry, even within the working area of machines.

Aircraft inspection made easy: Fly safely with "Morfi" and igus bearing technology13/09/2016

Innovative aircraft inspection robot reduces maintenance times - igus plastic bearings reduce weight

Safety is particularly important in air travel, both on the ground and in the air. Aircrafts are therefore carefully inspected and maintained. To reduce ground handling times and to increase safety through improved maintenance, the Lufthansa Technik AG and the Institute of Aircraft Production Technology at the Technical University of Hamburg in collaboration with two industrial partners have developed the mobile robot "Morfi" for the automatic inspection of the aircraft outer skin. The renowned igus bearing technology helps to save weight and also offers new design possibilities.

Small linear axis for large tasks09/09/2016

At the Motek, igus presents a new lubrication-free drylin linear axis with fast dryspin high helix threads

Small, light and flat – These are the properties of the low profile linear axis drylin SLN-27, which the motion plastics specialist igus presents at the 2016 Motek. In combination with the dryspin high helix threads, in addition to simple handling tasks, high-speed sensor adjustments can also be implemented cost-effectively with a stepper or DC motor.

Wear-resistant even at high temperatures: igus bar stock in new materials08/09/2016

Bar stock made from iglidur A500 and C500 supplement the largest range of bar stock made from abrasion-resistant high-performance polymers

For prototypes, test samples and small batches, igus offers its customers 25 types of bar stock made of lubrication-free and maintenance-free high-performance plastics. Now the motion plastics specialist has added two new iglidur materials to its extensive product range. Bar stock made from iglidur A500 and C500 are resistant to temperature and media and provide design flexibility in the food and chemical industry, medical engineering and plant engineering.

New machine tool cables from igus are up to 70 percent more cost-effective02/09/2016

The chainflex servo cables complete the largest cable range for movement in e-chains

The motion plastics specialist igus has a comprehensive range of flexible chainflex cables for machine tools. With the four servo cable series for motion in energy chains, product and process costs can be easily reduced without having to sacrifice quality.

Linear axes variable width and length from igus based on the modular principle29/08/2016

Configure toothed belt axes made of aluminium or stainless steel in desired size

With the new drylin ZLW modular kit the motion plastics specialist igus offers even more versatility and designing freedom for design engineers - widths, rail distances and materials of the ready-to-install axes can be assembled according to your requirement. Thus, high-performance linear axes can be implemented at a low price.

Think big with the world's largest plastic energy chain from igus29/08/2016

With the E4.350, extra large cables and hoses are reliably protected in adverse ambient conditions

Energy chains made of high-performance plastics are conquering more and more areas in the industry and increasingly replacing metallic options. They score points with lower weight, zero maintenance and at the same time high strength, especially in areas where large cables and hoses are guided, such as in shipyards or on drilling platforms. These adverse conditions are the perfect home for E4.350, the largest plastic energy chain in the world, which igus showcases at this year's BAUMA.

iglidur A181: The all-rounder for food applications29/08/2016

Lubrication-free and maintenance-free high-performance plastic iglidur A181 establishes a remarkable presence in the food and packaging industry

Avoidance of lubricants is an important criterion particularly in the food and packaging industries. The motion plastics specialist igus has different lubrication-free and maintenance-free plain bearing materials in the product range, which meet the requirements of FDA and EU Regulation 10/2011 EC. Among these materials, iglidur A181 is the "all-rounder" – it achieves low wear rates especially in combination with corrosion-resistant shaft types.

Modular corrugated tube from igus gains the top cleanroom classification29/08/2016

The e-skin for motion in confined spaces gets the IPA Class 1 certification

With the e-skin, igus has developed a modular corrugated tube which is not only extremely easy to open, but unlike comparable energy supply products, also provides an unsupported operation in the smallest installation spaces. Now the motion plastics specialist has won the strict IPA ISO Class 1 certification for the product, This gives customers maximum safety for applications in cleanroom environments.

Fit and go: igus simplifies parallel guidance of e-chain and corrugated tube25/08/2016

With the new side plates for the E4.1 energy chain, corrugated tube clips can be fastened quickly and without tools.

The motion plastics specialist igus has again expanded its modular kit for the E4.1 energy chain series and now offers a solution for the guidance of e-chain and corrugated tube in the same system. Named E4.1 TUB, this system ensures flexibility, ease of assembly and long service life in a low-wear double system.

Zigzag modules from the modular e-chain® system18/08/2016

Only ten working days from the configuration through to delivery of individual energy chain systems for vertical applications

With the standard zigzag energy chain module, igus offers a space-saving and cost-effective solution for vertical applications. The zigzag module can be individually configured thanks to the e-chain's modular design and delivered quickly. This offers solutions for guiding energy and data in the theatre, lighting and storage industries as well as in hydraulic work platforms.

Quick opening and filling: energy supply for robots in a new size11/08/2016

Even more cables can be fitted in a matter of seconds with the triflex TRLF.125.

The motion plastics specialist igus has expanded its range of multi-axis energy chains and introduces a new size for the lightweight triflex TRLF. With 125 millimetres diameter, this is the largest in the range and can safely guide even more cables and hoses. The e-chain for torsional movements is impressive with very fast assembly and disassembly, which significantly reduces shut-downs. For this reason, it is extremely popular with robot manufacturers and users.

Mobile exhibition by igus: On the move with motion plastics09/08/2016

The Tribo-specialist displays on site innovations for motion - from new 3D printing materials to intelligent e-chains

Get away from the office,-igus offers this possibility to its customers with the mobile exhibition. On the pop-up stand employees find out how they can reduce costs and improve the technology of their moving application with motion plastics. Equipped with the latest innovations, the road tour starts again.

Cost-effective & fast: igus uses 3D-printed injection moulding tools in production02/08/2016

Produce special parts, quickly at low cost and in large numbers.

Injection moulding is an efficient method for production of high-performance plastics in moving applications. The injection moulding tools required in this regard are usually manufactured from steel, at costs that reflect this. With the first 3D printed injection moulding tool in plastic, igus has now developed a cost-saving alternative for production up to 500 pieces.

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