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iglidur® Shop iglidur® plastic plain bearings from igus are lubrication-free, maintenance-free, cost-effective and versatile. iglidur® plain bearings are suitable for automotive mass production, special machine construction, underwater applications, food or tobacco industry, extreme temperature and chemical resistance and easy sheet metal installation. iglidur® plain bearings always offer a solution - either from the catalogue product range or as a customised special solution. Everything from 1 piece!

News 2016

Lubricant-free polymer plain bearings for every movement: The world's largest standard product range, heavy-duty, wear-resistant and much more ...

Now 16 iglidur® full-range materials

iglidur® standard product range now with more than 3,000 dimensions for most bearing challenges.

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Improve technology and reduce costs Be inspired by over 550 iglidur® application examples for bearings.

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iglidur® lasts longer and costs less General information on iglidur®


Models for iglidur® bearings in formats for various systems.

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igus® offers you a customized entry here with suitable products for your industry and specific application.

Industrial solutions with maintenance-free and lubrication-free plastic plain bearings

30 years of iglidur®

The first iglidur® plain bearings were presented by igus® 30 years ago at the "K" fair in Dusseldorf.

30 years of iglidur®

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Continuously updated videos on novelties, installation instructions, application examples and potentials online.

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