e-chains® and Accessories e-chain systems® - cable carriers and energy chains for modern machines. Pre-assembled ex stock. With fast product finder and lifetime calculation

Cable Carrier & Drag Chain

chainflex® Cables Special flexible cables for e-chains® - tested millions of cycles. More than 1244 types available ex stock. With fast product finder and lifetime calculation More information Shop

Robot & High Flex Cables

readycable® Drive cables Especially for use in energy chains. Diverse cable types with various approvals and compliances. With fast product finder

Drive cables

readychains® Pre-assembled e-chainsystems® ready to install on your machines. Complete systems can be delivered in 1 to 10 days. Faster connector-cable configurator

Custom Cable Carrier Systems

iglidur® Plain bearings iglidur® polymer plastic bearings and bushings lengthen tool life, lower costs and eliminate need for lubrication. 7000 types available ex stock. With fast product finder and lifetime calculation

Plastic Bearings & Bushings

igubal® Spherical bearings A complete program of self-adjusting, maintenance-free bearings made from polymers. More than 1500 types available ex stock. With fast product finder and lifetime calculation

Spherical Bearings & More

drylin® Linear slide bearings Modular, robust linear guides from stock. Lubrication-free, quiet, light and cost-effective - as rails and round shaft guide. With fast product finder and lifetime calculation

Linear Slides Bearings & Guides

drylin® Drive Technology Lubrication-free linear modules with lead screw for precise adjustments or toothed belts for quick positioning. For every installation space, in individual stroke lengths. With fast product finder

Drive Technology

drylin® E Electrical linear axis Maintenance-free linear axes ready to install with stepper or DC motors, configurable as single or multi-axis system. With fast product finder and lifetime calculation

Electrical linear axis

drylin® SD Lead screw units Self-lubricating lead screw nuts with trapezoidal- or high-helix lead screws. With fast product finder and lifetime calculation

Lead screw units

iglidur® PRT Polymer slewing ring bearings With gliding elements made of absolutely maintenance- and lubricant-free material.

Polymer slewing ring bearing

xiros® Ball bearings Lubrication-free up to 150° C, from stock! With fast product finder and lifetime calculation

iglidur® ball bearing

iglidur® Semi-finished products iglidur® now processed as round material or even in the shape of your choice. With fast product finder and lifetime calculation

iglidur® semi-finished products

iglidur® Tribo materials for 3D Printers New materials, up to 50 times more abrasion-resistant than conventional 3D printing materials and 3D printing service. With 3D printing service


iglidur® Tribo-Tape Versatile liner With a thickness of only 0.5 mm the space requirement is very low. Suitable for the smallest installation spaces


iglidur® Piston rings Replace expensive die-cut PTFE tapes with just one clip-on guide ring. Piston rings made of freely selectable materials. With fast product finder

Piston rings

robolink® Joint Modules for robots Integration of different movement mechanisms in one single part. With fast product finder

Joint Modules for robots

Pneumatic hoses Special pneumatic hoses for heavy-duty use in energy chains®.

Pneumatic hoses

Robots Complete equipment Energy supply systems for robots, also as complete solution including cables suitable for energy chains. With online configurator for robot axes equipment

Industrial robot equipment

Installation service On site Housing, design, assembling, delivery up to complete installation of energy chains® with all components at your site, all from one source. With calculable fixed price

Industrial assembly
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